Student Visa

I mentioned in briefing before that you should prepare in advance and know what the embassy requires from you in order to obtain a student permit. There are many things that the embassy require like

  • Of course the admission letter from the school of study. It is good to obtain your admission way in advance in order to have your visa processed on time. (I would say 5 months in advance)
  • What proof of funding do they require from you i.e. bank statements showing enough funding. Of course if you obtain funding from your school/sponsor the better just have them send you a letter indicating that.

More information on student visa

Information on how to obtain and prepare for a student visa/study permit

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarships and Financial Aid information

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Specific Campuses Scholarships

Most colleges have some form of International Student Scholarships and Grants, with on campus employment or teaching position available to help you reduce the cost of your education. Below are just a few Universities, this should encourage you to check different schools and don’t be afraid to email the schools and ask what kind of scholarships they have for international students.

Muslim Students and Middle East and North Africa